Lester about Canada’s history and how Canada

Lester B. Pearson’s speech about Canada’s national flag is very effective because he uses various rhetorical devices and patriotic emotional appeal which captures lots of Canadian citizens’ attention. He also refers to Canada’s history and all the trouble and hard times it has gone through to become an independent nation. Lester B. Pearson’s goal was to convince Canadians to be proud of their new flag. In his speech he uses the term Canadian national flag and its pride on Canada, quite often. “At noon today, in this eighth month of our ninety-eighth year as a Confederation, our new Flag will fly for the first time in the skies above Canada and in places overseas where Canadians serve”. He reminds his citizens about Canada’s history and how Canada has served 98 years as a confederation. “May the land over which this new Flag flies remain united in freedom and justice; a land of decent God-fearing people; fair and generous in all its dealings;” also he asks for blessings on our country recognized by our flag as a symbol. He was successful at achieving his goal of making Canadian citizens proud of his their countries flag. People associate Canada’s flag with equality, justice, and multicultural and that’s what Pearson wanted it to be recognized as.