I that new skills are attained either

I choose to talk about Skinner. In Skinner’s theory he offers explanation for any learned behaviors, weather cognitive, affective, physical or motor. I will get more into later in this page. In this theory he believes providing positive reinforcement, observable behaviors could be strengthening or shaped. Skinner’s principles are especially for young children, particularly toddlers and preschool and kindergarten age children. Skinner, behaviorist view of learning. He thought that only observable behavior was worth studying. In this study he found that behaviors become more frequently if they were reinforced. He came up with something called rewards and reinforcement, this means positive consequences that are likely to increase desired behaviors. He said reward appropriate behavior, ignore inappropriate behavior (unless it is dangerous), and be aware of the power of observational learning. Skinner’s theory show that new skills are attained either through operate or classical conditioning to the child. Responses that are positivity reinforced are easily repeated while those that punished reoccur less often in a child language and response development. his theories are seen to take less consideration of the child inherit ability of the child to develop language to itself. His theories require stimulation is used on autistic children to improve their language.