AC environment, and also consider those you

AC 1.1 ;In the organisation of health and social care, you have a duty to protect the people you care for. A duty of care is a duty to promote the well-being and to ensure that the people are kept safe from harm abuse and any injury that may occur. Duty of care also underpins everything that you do, it is what underlies the codes of practice and it should be built into your practice on a day to day activities. The people you care for also have the right to expect that when they are receiving care from a professional these should keep them safe, and not be neglected or exposed to any unnecessary risks that may ham them.
AC 1.2 Your duty of care towards everyone in your work place is to provide a clear guide how you should behave in a working environment, and also consider those you work with and care for. Code of practice these must be followed to make sure your duty of care means that your practice will be safer because you stop to think you are in the best interests of the people you are caring for and keeping them away from any harm. duty of care these also applies to children or vulnerable adult, and is your duty to make that they are kept away from any sort of harm,such as illness, abuse or injury. The attention and vigilance of practitioner help to keep them safe as they develop, give the children understanding to be able to see and cope with potential danger,and have an understanding that the actions may hurt and upset others.Also communication to be able to talk about harm. The duty of contributing to the safeguarding and protection can also carried out in a verity of ways. ; Risk assessment both inside and outside . Avoiding potential hazards which could lead to harm through accidents or spreading of infections. Having clear instructions set boundaries.Observing children and assessing their development.Working with parents and other professional to aid children’s development.Hold a relevant s safeguarding certificate.Have a member of staff who is SEN-CO trained.

Duty of care in my own work role, i have a duty of care to all those receiving care and support in my workplace, these include myself, my family members and children and vulnerable adults I look support to make that they are safe from harm, working within the law, have a first aid trained and use accident and incident forms accordingly. Risk assessment should be carryout continuously visually and act where needed. I use a daily diary including a registration sheet so I can account for daily outings etc and have good communication with my parents. I have procedures and policies in place to enable good practice, also update my safeguarding courses and regularly update my knowledge with the Kent Safeguarding Team.

Having the following policies to ensure I comply with my duty of care
• Accident and emergency policy
• Bullying policy
• Complaints policy
• Confidentiality policy
• Emergency evacuation procedure
• Equal opportunity policy
• Health and safety policy
• House rules policy
• Lost child policy
• Managing behaviour policy
• Medication policy
• Observation policy
• Physical contact policy
• Safeguarding policy

Reviewing those policies annually help to ensure they are up to date and mirror the care that I provide.