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Mini Ad Spot

Joomla 1.6 compatible
joomla 1.5.x
compat joomla1.0

This module enables you to display up to 40 mini ads.


- up to 40 mini ads
- custom colors and opacity for tooltip
- custom path to order page
- different ad size (default 32x32 px)
- custom animation for tooltip
- follow or nofollow attributes for links
- custom animation for tooltip
- cache system*
- sorting*
- different tooltips*
- valid dates*
- small captions*
- tracking*
- automatic script loader*

*Thanks to  -> Lincoln Phipps - Open Mutual Ltd.


joomla 1.5.x

WeatherMap allows you to display on Google Maps the temperature in a location of your choice.

You can set:

- location
- map zoom control (on/off)
- units (F or C)
- map type selector
- graphical styles for temperatures display


joomla 1.5.x

livezilla joomla module

joomla 1.5.x

LiveZilla module gives you the freedom to integrate LiveZilla system into your site and place it in any desired position.

Yahoo offers more detailed city maps and more accurate driving details. When you set a destination not recognized by Google Maps, try this module. This module allows the site users to enter their addresses and have the directions to an address you specify, using Yahoo Maps.

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